Friday, November 13, 2009

Enter the Son of the Sea

14th November 2009, Saturday, 3.00 AM

The song called "The Lonesome Kicker" By Adam Sandler is playing,
Feeling bored while chatting with Ammar AKA Trefalkyr(Bullshit) , Zoo-hair Nurman, Falapan and Syazwan the Sotong boy.
Don't know what to do, hmmmmm.... Blogger ! Join la mcm mereka,
So here I am, kickin' and lovin' it, after 10 minutes, this post were written by Dylan (:
Still, "The Lonesome Kicker". BUZZ !!! Woi, jgn kacau la !
At 1400, bergerak to Pavillion, and that's my plan for my Super Saturday, So screw the kicker, who cares about the kicker ?
That's all for the momment, (: Will continue whenever I want, So, fuck-off !

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