Tuesday, December 29, 2009

R.I.P Jimmy " The Rev " Sullivan

Avenged Sevenfold drummer James Owen Sullivan aka The Rev has been confirmed dead, dying on Monday of natural causes.

News of Jimmy Sullivan’s sudden death on Monday has left left family, friends and fans in shock tonight – many of whom are only learning of the news this morning. Sullivan is survived by wife Leana MacFadden aka Leana Silver and died at his home in South California.

Sullivan served as both singer and drummer for Avenged Sevenfold who achieved much fame and acclaim in 2005 with their City Of Evil album.

Reuters are reporting that “The Rev appeared to have died of natural causes, Huntington Beach police Lt. John Domingo told the Orange County Register. He was 28. The Orange County Coroner’s Office is investigating, the paper said.”

A statement on the band’s website reads: “It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we tell you of the passing today of Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan. Jimmy was not only one of the world’s best drummers, but more importantly he was our best friend and brother. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jimmy’s family and we hope that you will respect their privacy during this difficult time. Jimmy you are forever in our hearts. We love you.”

The Rev was a co-founder of the band which started in 1999. As any reader of Metal Hammer will know the band became notorious for their drug-taking and other rock’n'roll pursuits, but have recently attempted to live down its reputation for debauchery. Reuters stated that “Sullivan, in particular, had raised eyebrows after a 2006 cover story in metal magazine Revolver described his penchant for cocaine and other drugs.”

Avenged were currently working on their latest album, due for release in 2010.

We'll miss you The Rev :( You're one of the best drummer in the world. RIP JAMES OWEN SULLIVAN

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Liebe ist fur alle da

When the devil want's to dance with you, you better say never, because once the devil dance with you, it might last with you forever.

Watch The Arrivals, on youtube, awesome mann, fuck yeah, try it !

Okay, pejam celik nk sekolah da -_- Baju semua belum beli, Pmr dpt 4A4B, tak cukup ah :( But I did my best. Boring gila, nk cuti lg sebulan ah. Dia pegi KB, heh, nk jumpa dia ah, rindu :( Haha.
Farah nk stalk blog ni, jgn la oi ! Ekekeke,

Okay, that's all for the momment, will update anytime I want, so fuck off. Peace and out (:

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

You sound like you're from London !

When life give you lemons, you said, " Fuck the lemons ! " and bail.

A day before result's day, went to Pavillion with Faiq and Faheem to meet the girls, Zana and Farah, I hope today can cheer me up and cool me down before the result, yupp, they really know how to treat a friend, now I'm all cheered and cooled, haaa, thanks to them. Yeah, it's been a good day for me, jalan jalan, tgk New Moon, ketinggalan zaman sikit, baru tgk, HEHE, diam ah, janji dpt tgk ngn dia <3 hehehe, siapa ? Taktau ahh, haha. Pendek kan cerita ? Yupp, sbb mls nk type, post ni sbb saje saje, so shut the fuck up, (:

Thanks guys, you've made my day, Hehe, Z <3

P/S : Wish me luck on my results ! Do pray for me (:

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Save the Mother Earth !

You know I'm sorry if this is hard for you to take,
But a lot of it just needs saying,
and I don't see anyone else out there,
giving out this message,
and if I don't do this, Who's gonna do it ?
And maybe, if someone hears these words,
maybe the whole world gets round and listens,
to what I'm sayin', and maybe we have a chance.
Because I don't wanna see another child crying,
I don't wanna see another dog, dyin' in the streets,
I can't see another homeless man, because it doesn't seem right to me,
He's got a home, and he's not got a home,
What's the point in that ?
Why can't we all just get together, in one big home,
and if I was in Government,
Then I'd Government things much more differentlier,
because it ain't the best way to government things,
So there's poor people everywhere,
You know I would just be sittin' alone,
Thinkin' "How can I do something ?",
'Cos I ain't gonna be in chains no-more,
You lot might have been conned, but I ain't been conned,
'Cos I'm a free man, I'm free, and I'm gonna let my soul soar,
and the way I do that is through my music,
so why don't you, do something ?
Everyone, together, let's plant more greens. It's for the future.

Plant the greens, safe the Earth, safe the future. (:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Headbanger Dudes !

Brutal Legend is a kick-ass game ! Try it ! Available on Xbox 360 and PS3

On 6th December, I lost my phone -_- fuck man ! Now, been waiting for a new one, I wonder when, hmmm....I wonder how, I wonder why, yesterday you told me bout the blue blue sky, HEH. Time goes so fast, feels like baru 2 minggu cuti -_-" Nwayy, I miss my friends ): I miss Aiza, HAHA. Start's this week, I'm back on board ! Hell yeah ! I got a giant poster of Paramore and a A4 size poster of Hayley Williams <3 I love you Hayley ! AHA

It's 2 in the morning, present time, chatting with Ammar and Lapan, watching Kurozu Zero, what an awesome movie la, Tamao Serizawa vs Takiya Genji, wah wah ! Gempak gempak. On the 6th, Ammar and I jamm only form 15 minutes, cool kan ?! Hm, cool ! Em dip ! Tomorrow nk replace sim card, haihh, mls nyaa, but nk jumpe Faiq, Nwayy, tht's all for now, to be continue....

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's been a while since the last post

4th December 2009, Friday 5:22 AM

21 November, I went to Penang and the next day, went to Langkawi for 3 days, back to Penang and celebrate Raya Haji. 28 Nov, back to KL, wheeewww ! Finally, home sweet fucking home (:
After a day, I went to Johore. Only for 2 days, then, back again. Woww, that was fast. It's been a while since The Punishment.
Gaduh ? Asl kene gaduh ah ? Asl kene ada tak puas hati ah ? Pelik ah dunia skrg,

Spent my holiday with Xbox 360, it's awesome mannn. Result maybe keluar 30 ni, -_- Do pray for me (: FarahDee pakai braces, aha, Budakbudak SPM, Ape niii, cerita panjang tp di pendek kan. Present time, luar hujan, sejuk, cousin(s) da tidur, tulis la, ape lg, Aku di palau lg, tak kesah la. Ily Hayley<3
Tuhan tolong panjangkan umur ibubapa ku, Abgku, kwn kwn ku, ):

What can I do ? Say it's true, I'll never ask for anyone but you honey.
Ntg to say, kepala takde idea, so merepek lg, I am hated. You were never there. Where'd you go ? I miss you so ): I just want you to know that, I miss you, I miss you so and I love you. I guess I'll be fine without you because I was born to fight in the saturday night and there's no use to cry my dear and your tears in heaven will make you walk through hell and I guess thats the truth about heaven and it's harder than you know and you'll be suffering in dying days and it will be broadcasting and I thought you are the dancing queen but you're not good enough for truth in cliche too bad because crushes are meant to hurt but when you will ever learn ? You took my heart and dressed for a friend request and I guess this war is ours but not for any psychosocial, I hope you pray for plagues because I'm all out of love and when the sun sleeps, this letter to you is my confession and the truth.

Tadaaa ! Spot all the songs title and state the artists and possibly, 10 ringgit will be yours ! Send the answer at www.myspace.com/todlanski or anyway you want ! Quick ! Grab this opportunity because there's only 1(one) winner only ! Remember, always say "Yes" to any opportunity. "Yes" is the new "No"

Will continue whenever I want, Peace, out !

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Punishment

18th November 2009, Wednesday, 10.28 PM

From left : Azam, Ebal, Fahme, Me, Faiq, Nurman, Ezki and Ammar

Today, I woke up at 11.30, last night I cleaned up my room, walawey ! Bersih oi ! Then, get ready to Pavillion, Text Ammar, he said "Gerak pukul 1.30", but at 1.15 he texted and he said "Weh, aku nk mandi and mkn semua belum" t-_-t la oi ! At 2.30 my dad sent me, Ammar, Amir and Ezki to Pavillion. Afterthat, we met Faiq, Nurman, Ebal and Amy at Food Republic in Pavillion. At 3 we lepak lepak mcm org bodo kat dpn GSC sampai pukul 4, wtf !

Jumpa Shawonn and Tasha, aha, Shawonn Shawonn (: Then, we went to Kfc for a snack, pastu nmpk Hidayah Sharifff, HAHA, kecik je org nya. Lps tuu, we went to Naab to chill out, but in the end, Naab broke us up, -_- Kene RM98 bai ! Nasib baik kitorang kayaa, ahaha, Then nk balik tu, snap snap gmba kat Christmas decoration tu, lawa gila rusa rusa tuu, aha, Pastu balik ah, da boring, Naik train, bau sekor sekor mcm ape je ! Mcm ada lori sampah kat dlm train tu, Fahme nk tidur rumah tp tak leh, so, bwk pergi mkn with my parents then hanta dia,

Present time, Ammar tgh main laptop dia kat sini hah, "Because I got High" by Afroman is playing, yeahh, Daniel balik amik Amp, so, Thats all for the momment, if ada anything, will update, so, shh shh ! (:

P/S : Goodluck to all Spm candidate ! Do your best guys ! Love you all (:

Sunday, November 15, 2009


16th November 2009, Monday, 1.14 AM

After our death in the Apocalypse, We will be reborn and we will face our punishment.

Don't be shock, today, I woke up at 10 ! Huahua ! Hebat kan ?! Breakfast at Coffee Bean with beloved parents,
Then, at 1400, pergi Pavillion, AGAIN ! But, It was funn, ehe, ramai gila awek today ! Comelcomel, but I blame fish people. I bought a Quiksilver Wallet at Pavillion, yay ! Duit sendiri baii ! Wallet baru tp kosong, :D Then, at 1700 balikk,

1930, Princess Protection Program, Awww, Selena Gomez <3 2100, Death Race,

Present time, Chat with Nurman, Faiq, Aida bangbang gedebaboom, waiting for Mohsen to update his Warcraft, best best ! Syazwan pun ada, best best !

Thats all for the momment (:

Saturday, November 14, 2009


15th November 2009, Sunday, 2.00 AM

After enter the Son of the Sea, Apocalypse is risng,

Today, at 1200, I woke up from my fantasy dream, feeling lucky today, text text text, Mirul, Faliiq and Maxis. Hit the shower and get ready for the day, text text text, Faiq and Nurman ; Weh, da gerak ke ? Then, palau mereka sebentarrr, malas lyn. Siapsiap, "Dad, hantar ?" Said me. "Hmm, okay, boring pun duduk rumah" Said daddy. Otw, tgk ramai gilaa, what the fuck mann, diorang tak pegi Fly Fm Anni. ke,

Kfc, mkn bersama Faiq and Nurman, blakang table sorang ni, comel :D Kwn dia lg comel :D Afterthat, beli present Nurman's mom, "I love youuu...."(Joey Tribianni)
Next stop, Sg Wang, searching for the Naughty Shop:D Found it and malu nk masuk, brother sana usya panass, Nurman masuk je, mampus laa,
Then, Jumpa FarahSANARA, snap snap ! NZL Vs Bahrain for World Qup Qualifiers, NZL won 1-0, what a dissapoinment for Bahrain's fan.
Pavillion again, nampak Melia and El Fira, Melia comel :D El pendek, aha,
After an hour, Faiq's father pick us up and sent me back home, what a day, 3 dude, no where to go, photos will be uploaded or posted as soon as Farah upload it on Myspace.


Balik, pegi makan, online, Unreal Tournament makes me feel dizzy :S

Present : "21st Century Breakdown" by Greenday is playing, Farmville, harvesting, chatting with Syazwan, So here I am, now, infront of my keyboard, typing, boredd.

That's all for today's update, will continue whenever I want,

P/S : Al Fatihah to Amirul's Grandmother ): It was a sad day for Amirul, relax bro !

Friday, November 13, 2009

Enter the Son of the Sea

14th November 2009, Saturday, 3.00 AM

The song called "The Lonesome Kicker" By Adam Sandler is playing,
Feeling bored while chatting with Ammar AKA Trefalkyr(Bullshit) , Zoo-hair Nurman, Falapan and Syazwan the Sotong boy.
Don't know what to do, hmmmmm.... Blogger ! Join la mcm mereka,
So here I am, kickin' and lovin' it, after 10 minutes, this post were written by Dylan (:
Still, "The Lonesome Kicker". BUZZ !!! Woi, jgn kacau la !
At 1400, bergerak to Pavillion, and that's my plan for my Super Saturday, So screw the kicker, who cares about the kicker ?
That's all for the momment, (: Will continue whenever I want, So, fuck-off !