Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's been a while since the last post

4th December 2009, Friday 5:22 AM

21 November, I went to Penang and the next day, went to Langkawi for 3 days, back to Penang and celebrate Raya Haji. 28 Nov, back to KL, wheeewww ! Finally, home sweet fucking home (:
After a day, I went to Johore. Only for 2 days, then, back again. Woww, that was fast. It's been a while since The Punishment.
Gaduh ? Asl kene gaduh ah ? Asl kene ada tak puas hati ah ? Pelik ah dunia skrg,

Spent my holiday with Xbox 360, it's awesome mannn. Result maybe keluar 30 ni, -_- Do pray for me (: FarahDee pakai braces, aha, Budakbudak SPM, Ape niii, cerita panjang tp di pendek kan. Present time, luar hujan, sejuk, cousin(s) da tidur, tulis la, ape lg, Aku di palau lg, tak kesah la. Ily Hayley<3
Tuhan tolong panjangkan umur ibubapa ku, Abgku, kwn kwn ku, ):

What can I do ? Say it's true, I'll never ask for anyone but you honey.
Ntg to say, kepala takde idea, so merepek lg, I am hated. You were never there. Where'd you go ? I miss you so ): I just want you to know that, I miss you, I miss you so and I love you. I guess I'll be fine without you because I was born to fight in the saturday night and there's no use to cry my dear and your tears in heaven will make you walk through hell and I guess thats the truth about heaven and it's harder than you know and you'll be suffering in dying days and it will be broadcasting and I thought you are the dancing queen but you're not good enough for truth in cliche too bad because crushes are meant to hurt but when you will ever learn ? You took my heart and dressed for a friend request and I guess this war is ours but not for any psychosocial, I hope you pray for plagues because I'm all out of love and when the sun sleeps, this letter to you is my confession and the truth.

Tadaaa ! Spot all the songs title and state the artists and possibly, 10 ringgit will be yours ! Send the answer at or anyway you want ! Quick ! Grab this opportunity because there's only 1(one) winner only ! Remember, always say "Yes" to any opportunity. "Yes" is the new "No"

Will continue whenever I want, Peace, out !

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