Wednesday, December 23, 2009

You sound like you're from London !

When life give you lemons, you said, " Fuck the lemons ! " and bail.

A day before result's day, went to Pavillion with Faiq and Faheem to meet the girls, Zana and Farah, I hope today can cheer me up and cool me down before the result, yupp, they really know how to treat a friend, now I'm all cheered and cooled, haaa, thanks to them. Yeah, it's been a good day for me, jalan jalan, tgk New Moon, ketinggalan zaman sikit, baru tgk, HEHE, diam ah, janji dpt tgk ngn dia <3 hehehe, siapa ? Taktau ahh, haha. Pendek kan cerita ? Yupp, sbb mls nk type, post ni sbb saje saje, so shut the fuck up, (:

Thanks guys, you've made my day, Hehe, Z <3

P/S : Wish me luck on my results ! Do pray for me (:

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