Sunday, November 15, 2009


16th November 2009, Monday, 1.14 AM

After our death in the Apocalypse, We will be reborn and we will face our punishment.

Don't be shock, today, I woke up at 10 ! Huahua ! Hebat kan ?! Breakfast at Coffee Bean with beloved parents,
Then, at 1400, pergi Pavillion, AGAIN ! But, It was funn, ehe, ramai gila awek today ! Comelcomel, but I blame fish people. I bought a Quiksilver Wallet at Pavillion, yay ! Duit sendiri baii ! Wallet baru tp kosong, :D Then, at 1700 balikk,

1930, Princess Protection Program, Awww, Selena Gomez <3 2100, Death Race,

Present time, Chat with Nurman, Faiq, Aida bangbang gedebaboom, waiting for Mohsen to update his Warcraft, best best ! Syazwan pun ada, best best !

Thats all for the momment (:

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